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Have you ever wanted to get your own "Amazon Smile" program? Ad'FeelGood is offering you a turnkey solution to setup your own Cause-related loyalty program in record time!

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Cause-related loyalty marketing

Do like Amazon, create your own loyalty program based on your customer's social and charitable involvement.

Social Media Marketing

We help consumers fall in love with your brand, engaging them through social media platforms.

Mobile Marketing

Straight to their pockets - Use evolving mobile technology to reach your audience.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Be a brand that customers and competitors look up to.

Democratic Philanthropy

Encourage positive social change, give a voice to your consumer to make the world a better place.

Bettering society

Lead by example and enable others to participate in giving back to their communities.

Exclusive Features

A unique online social shopping-based fundraising platform: An ecosystem where each participant adds a valuable part in re-thinking the way in which we do things. It addresses around 450 million digital shoppers, offering them a more conscious way of shopping. Simple, Social and Free!

The brands can not easily buy this kind of marketing. Giving back to a good cause that their customers support is about as personal as it will ever get. The rewards and satisfactions work both ways: "Cause Marketing" at its best!

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Charitable Label

We have partnered with the Help Freely Foundation to recognise publicly our clients involvement in social responsibility.

The Help Freely Foundation Charitable Label confirms our client's commitment to bettering society. Displaying the label lets visitors to your website know that their purchases can have purpose and a positive impact through a trusted and responsible brand.

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It's not just about marketing. It's about making marketing with purpose!

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  • "We are delighted to be a part of this social project, as we care about supporting the causes that really matter to our customers."


    "It's exciting that my purchases can help improve people's lives."

    Claudia Bu

  • "For it is a pleasure to participate in this project as this just adds a deeper purpose to our business."


    "With this tool great things can be accomplished for many people who need support."

    VĂ­ctor Sola

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